NOVITA': Dal 2010 la struttura di Montallegro ha sviluppato una sezione con insegnante madrelingua INGLESE.

"L'Aquilone Garden School"

"L'Aquilone Garden School" is an international preschool and kindergarten located in VIA MONTALLEGRO 18.

Kindergarten and pre-k
These classes, for four and five years old children, are the preparatory stages for the child getting ready to enter the elementary school.

Early Learning and Nursery
These classes, for two and three years old children, aim to develop skills and language. Many manipulative activities are introduced, such as colouring, cutting, pasting and prewriting.

The school facilities are spacious, clean and colourful, designed specifically for the pre-school child.
The school building is placed in a quiet area and surrounded by a large and flowering garden, where children can play openair.
Children have fun with arts and crafts, music and singing, puppetry, cooking, creative movement, science, as well as developing basic readiness skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

"L'Aquilone Garden School" is open MONDAY through FRIDAY from 07.45 a.m. to 05.30 p.m.
Phone: 010 - 31.06.206